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200 Years of Tradition and Innovation

成立于1824年, 肯茨希尔学校是美国历史最悠久的男女同校的私立学校之一. As we embark on our third century, we are anchored in the pioneering spirit, reputation for innovation, and core values that are so deeply woven in our DNA, while at the same time looking boldly ahead to provide a fresh, 有关, and impactful experience for each and every one of our students.


1799: 独立战争老兵路德·桑普森从马萨诸塞州来到肯茨山,希望将他所获得的财富用于社会的利益和上帝的荣耀. 

1821: 桑普森在自己的女儿附近为其中一个女儿建造了“新房子”, 那里将成为Elihu和Susanna Robinson的家,并在几年后成为第一个学校建筑. Today the house is known as the 1821 House.

1824: Sampson and the Robinsons join forces to start a school. 他们希望通过教育让社会变得更好,并为教育做好准备, 有文化的, skilled preachers for the ministry. The school formally opens with the title Maine Wesleyan Seminary in the spring of 1824; several of the first students are girls, 使肯茨希尔成为美国历史最悠久的男女同校私立学校之一. 

Revolutionary War veteran Luther Sampson

The "New House," known today as the 1821 House.

The original building is pictured here with the 1836 addition.

The Adelphian Society for women.

Dr. 亨利·P. Torsey, Head of School. 

In 1849, 安德罗斯科金和肯纳贝克铁路的第一列火车开到了Readfield Depot, only miles from the school.


1829: The Calliopean Society, a men’s literary and debate organization, 是建立, followed by the Adelphian Society for women; they are widely popular, 学生们后来也发现了文人社会和埃罗玛西亚社会. These societies include rituals, secret passwords and other elements of social clubs, but their primary focus is debate, 说话, writing and parliamentary process. 

1844: Dr. 亨利·P. 托西从1837年到1840年就读于缅因州卫斯理神学院,成为学校的校长. In 1844 the school opens with 48 boys and 34 girls; at the end of one term and after paying all the bills, Torsey has twenty dollars left for his salary. 


1858: Construction of Sampson Hall begins, 尽管学校将在数年内不公布创始人的名字. It includes a chapel, 音乐的房间, 一个餐厅, dissertation rooms, and room for up to 140 students. The building’s heat comes from small stoves in students’ rooms, 为校园建筑供暖需要500多根木材. For the cost of a few pennies per week, 寄宿学生可以买到方便的木材送到他们的房间,省得他们跑一趟柴火堆. 

1861-1865: 超过170名肯特希尔的学生和校友参加了内战,至少23人丧生. Thirteen of these fight in the celebrated 20th Maine Infantry, under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Joshua L. 张伯伦. 这些士兵在小圆顶英勇而冒险的军事行动改变了葛底斯堡战役的进程, a crucial turning point in the Civil War.

Sampson Hall (right).


In 1861, baseball was introduced to the school.

The first music department begins under the leadership of Dr. 和夫人. 莫尔斯. 29 pianos are housed on the fourth floor of Sampson Hall.

The Bearce Hall Bell, donated by the honorable James G. 布莱恩. 

Blethen House,以奥尔登·Blethen命名,他后来成为《葡京3522新地址》(The Seattle Times)的联合创始人."


1873: Bearce Hall is completed. The Honorable James G. 布莱恩, 他是国会议员和缅因州立法机构的前代表,后来在哈里森总统任期内担任国务卿, gives the school a bell for the new tower. 这座引人注目的砖砌建筑和钟楼将成为肯茨山学校的象征.

1883: Blethen House is built to provide a house for the Head of School. The building is named after Alden J. 他是堪萨斯城的一名新闻记者,1868年毕业于肯茨山大学. 他是这个想法的倡导者,也是这个项目的主要捐赠者,感谢他在肯特希尔学校接受的良好教育.


1924: Kents Hill’s 100th anniversary. 优等学生学会的一个分会在校园内成立. 学生们在比尔斯大厅后面的枫树林里举行了一场盛大的舞台剧,生动地描绘了这所学校的诞生, illuminated by the headlights of a circle of automobiles.

1942-1945: Headmaster Bill Dunn decides to build a ski program. A small group of students who are not involved in daily sports, armed with a couple of axes, 一个双人看到, a crowbar and poles, 在通往托西池塘的斜坡上砍倒树木,烧掉灌木丛. By 1947, Kents Hill has competitive men’s and women’s ski teams.

1939: The 足球 team, which has been competing with other schools since 1893, has an undefeated season, a feat that they will repeat in 1962.

Students clearing brush for the ski hill.

Jim Hansen, who taught mathematics at Kents Hill School.

唐纳德·米. Jacobs with the 1984 Winter Carnival King and Queen.


1961: Jim Hansen arrives at Kents Hill School to teach mathematics. Over the next 36 years, "Hanny" becomes a beloved teacher, 导师, colleague and friend to thousands of students. 他教[学生]二次方程和数学归纳法, juxtaposed with mini lectures on Einstein, 霍金, Martin Luther King, Jr., 大屠杀, 巴赫, current events or a great film, 同时提供给[他们]一个视觉和听觉爆炸的教室. (Chig Shuster '55, faculty)

1970: 唐纳德·米. Jacobs is appointed Head of School. He oversees the construction of Maine Hall, which arrives in 30 to 40 pieces, covering the entire outfield of the baseball field. 

1972: 一个Celestron 10望远镜安装在邓恩科学大楼的天文台, which had been completed in 1966.


1990: Rist Bonnefond becomes Kents Hill School’s 17th Headmaster.

1994: The Varsity Ski team’s 99th season is an exceptional one; the boys win the New England Division II Prep School Championship and the girls are champions of MAISAD. 由奥运教练约翰·莫顿设计的新的越野滑雪道揭幕. Kents Hill’s first competitive snowboarder, 约翰•沃伦, graduates from the school, having started a trend that will increase in the coming years. 

1998: The Liz Cross Mellen Lodge at the O'Connor Alpine Center opens.

Rist Bonnefond, Kents Hill School’s 17th Headmaster.


The Harold and Ted Alfond 体育运动 Center.


当Ted Alfond和John Huard草坪球场在2008年秋季落成时,他们代表了新英格兰最大的连续运动草坪表面.

瑞斯特和乔伊·邦尼福德冰场于2011年落成,以表彰邦尼福德夫妇在肯茨山学校期间对学校发展的贡献. Bonneford's tenure as Head of School.


2001: The Harold and Ted Alfond 体育运动 Center opens. This state-of-the-art athletic facility, which includes an NHL-size ice arena, 一个体育馆, and a fitness center, is constructed with a major gift from the Alfond family.

2003: 肯茨希尔学校是全国12所获得2003年西门子基金会奖的学校之一,因为它在科学方面的先修课程, math and technology. It is the first school in Maine ever to win this award.

2008: The Harold Alfond 体育运动 Fields open. The fields consist of two full size fields for soccer, 足球, 场地曲棍球或长曲棍球以及棒球和垒球菱形.

2009: 牛顿体育馆重新开放为博德曼表演艺术中心在牛顿大厅.  翻新的篮球场被改造成薇薇安罗素剧院,为肯茨希尔剧院和音乐节目提供了更大的表演空间, 演讲嘉宾, and Morning Meeting.


2014: 帕特里克·C. McInerney is appointed as the 19th Head of School. 他负责监督肯茨希尔学校战略计划的发展.

2015: 女子大学越野队赢得了他们的第二个连续的新英格兰四级冠军. 

2016: The Bibby and Harold Alfond 餐厅 Commons opens. 6美元.500万餐饮设施和社区空间设有落地窗, "scatter-style" serving area, 艺术画廊, and expansive patio with views from Sugarloaf Mountain to Mt. 华盛顿.

2016: 克里斯托弗年代. 切尼被任命为第20任学校校长,于2017年7月1日生效.

2017: 一个创新的四维(4D)学术课程引入了同等重视知识, 技能, 字符, 和反射. 

The Bibby and Harold Alfond 餐厅 Commons opened in 2016.

The Bibby and Harold Alfond 餐厅 Commons opened in 2016.

In 2016, 克里斯托弗年代. 切尼被任命为第20任学校校长,于2017年7月1日生效

In 2016, 克里斯托弗年代. 切尼被任命为第20任学校校长,于2017年7月1日生效.